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 Cash For Junk Cars Charlotte NC

We are a major junk car buyer in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Junk Car Boys was founded over on the west coast, by two brothers, in Portland, Oregon. The company started off as a small family run business, and still is, with many more family members added on to it, plus many non family members. They didn’t have enough family to accommodate the growth, and began hiring on many new employees who are like family now.

The one thing that the brothers always said, and stood by, was “customer service first”. No matter the growth they experience, that’s one thing they have always upheld. Do they spend way more money than necessary to keep the customer happy? Yes, but only because it’s the customer that is the life blood of the business. Without the customer, what would the Junk Car Boys have? They wouldn’t have anything. So they like to keep special treatment and attention to each individual customer and in the end, it’s all worth it to make people happy.

The Junk Car Boys are licensed, bonded, and insured; so there is never any need to worry about your vehicle after it is sold. Everything is done according to the strictest rules and laws.

JCB is slowly becoming one of North Carolinas favorite car buyer. We love and respect NC, and plan on continuing our growth in this amazing state. We thank each and everyone of our customers because without them, there would be no us.

From the Junk Car Boys, We Love You North Carolina!

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